Seven AMAZING reasons why you can’t be a Lenticular Galaxy (and why you might as well still try.)


You’re a modern entity living in a crazy, fast paced universe!  Sometimes life goes by so fast that it feels impossible to imagine that you’re not an intermediate type of galaxy between E7 and a “true” spiral Sa.  We wrote this article to help bring you back down to the ground for a few minutes, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams!  Check out what sets you apart from the lenticular galaxies out there, and maybe find out a little more about yourself in the process!

belly-fat[1]7.  Lenticular galaxies have a disk component as well as a bulge component. The central bulge of these galaxies helps in identifying them. You might have a central bulge as well, and that’s okay!  Nobody should judge you for being you.  Unfortunately it doesn’t make you a lenticular galaxy, but who cares?  If you’ve got it, flaunt it!


6.  These galaxies have probably used up most of their interstellar material so there is very little going on in terms of star formation.  Sometimes we feel like we’ve used up most of our interstellar material too, but like a lenticular galaxy we need to keep moving forward!  Treat yourself to an expensive coffee and a spa visit to recharge and get through a rough week.  You might not be a lenticular galaxy, but you’re you and that’s important too!


5.  Elliptical galaxies and Lenticular galaxies share similar features such as spectral properties and others.  It’s possible that all those things you saw in yourself as flaws were actually features you should be proud of as a unique elliptical galaxy!  Go find out more about them and see if you’ve finally found a place where you can let your freak flag fly!


4.  The most popular theory on the origins of lenticulars is that they formed from spiral galaxies by stopping global star formation and consuming the remaining gas.  Trust me, there are days when EVERYONE feels like turning off all of the lights and eating a whole pint of ice cream.  Don’t start thinking that you’re a lenticular galaxy just yet, that probably only means you’ve got a case of the ‘blahs”.  Fill up the tub, light a few candles, and grab your favorite book.  Those nasty blahs have a way of moving on eventually, no matter how bad things get!


3.  Another theory on the creation of lenticulars is that they were formed from the merger of other spiral galaxies.  Maybe you worry that you’re spending too much time with your significant other.  Is your love life getting stale or stifling?  Don’t be afraid to take the day off from romance to find a little “me” time.  If your companion takes issue, let them know they might need a day to themselves too, though they might not realize it yet.  You may even notice that your relationship has strengthened when everything is said and done.  You still aren’t a lenticular galaxy, just two people who have the potential to understand each other a little bit more than they did before.


2.  Nearly 15-20 percent of all nearby galaxies are lenticular.  That means if you look around you about one in six of the galaxies you see are lenticular.  You might think that might increase your odds of being one, but it doesn’t.  You’re a person.  Listen, I’ve been meaning to talk you about this seriously for some time now.  This obsession you have about being a lenticular galaxy is starting to get a little worrisome.  Have you tried talking to someone about it?  A professional, I mean.  We can go together if you’re scared.


1.  Lenticular galaxies have a much brighter surface brightness when compared to other spirals.  You shine brighter than everyone around you.  I mean who knows, I’m not a scientist.  Maybe you could be lenticular if you really, really set your mind to it.  I still need you to take your pills.  Please don’t cry.  We can get through this together, you and me.  We’re a team.  I’ve called your mother too, she says she’ll stay here with you for a couple of days, until things smooth out for you.  I hope you feel better soon.  I miss you.

(Full disclosure- This list borrowed almost all of it’s factual information from a fantastic page on Bright Hub called “Facts and Details About Lenticular Galaxies” which provides a ton of information about Lenticular Galaxies, if you want to know more, visit it here.)


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