Four things I know virtually nothing about, even after searching on Google Images to get these pictures

4.  Ospreys

An Osprey and a fish hanging out.  Is this what ospreys do?  Scare the crap out of fish for fun?  It's hilarious if that's true.

I love this picture a thousand times more than I actually care about what an osprey is.

I can guess from the above picture that the osprey is a kind of bird, only because I know it’s not the bass, who does not appear to be having an awesome day.  I can also tell it’s a bird of prey because of the shape of it’s beak (one of the only things I know about birds AT ALL.)  That’s literally all the effort I was willing to put into the (elegant?  regal?) osprey before giving up and writing this entry.  Before I looked up the picture I was pretty sure it was some kind of marsupial.

3.  The Cloud


Does this graphic mean that data is like the cloud’s rain? Because that’s not what I was thinking it was at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the general idea of what the “cloud” is.  My comprehension is that it’s a bunch of servers that store various things so they can be accessed online.  What I fail to understand is the difference between that and what the internet pretty much always has been for the last 25 years.  When you look it up it only serves to further complicate things, because the majority of that is either techno-jargon being spewed from IT people looking for a new way to troll or jerk offs like me who don’t know what they’re talking about (but don’t want you to know that.)

2.  This thing

You can eat it, I guess?  Maybe it needs to be cooked first.

You can eat it, I guess?  Maybe it needs to be cooked first?

I literally don’t even know what this thing is called.  I found it by doing a search for “Weird fruit” and this was the second thing that came up after the Durian fruit (which I do know about because it supposedly tastes good but smells like a dead person’s butt.)  If I were to guess anything about it, it’d be that it’s kind of like a kiwi maybe?  I actually considered looking into it even further, but then I remembered that it’s a fruit I’ve never seen before and will probably never see again, so why should I cram that information in my noggin?  It’s valuable real estate up there and believe me, space is limited.

1.  The television show Veronica Mars


I know people love this show, but I’m getting nothing from this image whatsoever. Is it like a gritty “Saved by the Bell” reboot?

Is she like an undercover cop that goes to high school like the old “21 Jump Street” trope?  I kind of got that vibe, but I figure it’s got to have a unique element to it since it’s got such a rabid cult following.  Is she like a teenage witch or a lesbian friendly vampire hunter?  I like Kristen Bell as a human being who seems talented, but not enough to establish the kind of drive required to add another series into my Netflix queue.


About thestsp

Brenton Smith used to live in a haunted house. I mean, he never saw a ghost or anything, but he used to hear crap all the time. Also one time while he was in bed, he thinks something touched his leg. He and his friends eventually gave the ghost a silly name and it went away embarrassed. He still feels guilty about that sometimes.
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