Brent Smith is a toy rhino enthusiast.  He also writes, songwrites (which is different,) and draws (also different.)  He also likes the stuff everybody else likes.  Right?  Everybody puts stuff like reading and going to the movies.  Who doesn’t like that crap?  People should put things here that they like that are just super weird or embarrassing.  You know what I heard Brent likes?  I heard he likes putting his hands in tumblers.  You know… tumblers… those things they use to smooth edges in industrial plants?  He’ll stick his hand in one of those things for like twenty minutes if you let him.  He’s clearly got issues.

Brent’s dislikes are bad musicians who still make a lot of money and geese (together or separate.)  This is not a lie at all.

See more about Brent here.


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